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Best Bio for Facebook Profile [Updated for 2019]

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Best Bio To Put On Your Facebook Profile

Every new day comes with a fresh inspiration about the things you think of yourself. This can either be what you hope for yourself or some feelings you simply want to share with others. These and many other lines to express yourself on Facebook is what this post is meant to furnish you with.

Could it be that there is a popular quote you came across, or you’ve always liked, which you may want to post on your Facebook page for your friends to see? Grab a couch and sit as you read through this fantastic compilation of the best bio and status you can use on your Facebook.

As good and all-encompassing as these status are, they aren’t meant only for Facebook. You can as well use them on other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and what have you.

Well, don’t expect an all official Facebook bio here because some of these lines are pretty funny and amazing. I trust it will keep your friends always loving to check your timeline every day to see more of such inspiring and fascinating bio on your Facebook page.

I trust that you are you ready for this one. Let’s get the best Facebook bio rolling out.

  1. Each day makes me realize that the greatest mystery to understand is one’s self.
  2. I work hard every day so that I can look at the world straight in the eye.
  3. I love myself like there’s no tomorrow to live for.
  4. I am always making the most of myself because I am all that’s of me.
  5. I prefer to be single and waiting rather than be taken and faking.
  6. Think am crazy and have lost my mind? No, it’s backed up on my HD.
  7. I was born very cool, but global warming is making me hot every day.
  8. For all of you claiming to be wise remember you can on be the player while I am your coach
  9. I can bet it that I am not heartless; I only learned how I could use my heart in a lesser way.
  10. I am blessed beyond what I can count.
  11. Before judging me, hear yourself it and make sure that you are perfect.
  12. I have a personal motto: Feel the fear but do it against all the odds.
  13. I am scared of nothing. I was born to be who I am
  14. You can’t have too much or too little of me; I am ideal.
  15. My personality? I am a daydreamer and a night thinker.
  16. I am not out of my mind. We only have different realities.
  17. I can’t tell exactly where I am heading to, but I am on my way to greatness.
  18. I keep silent always because I only say those things which I mean.
  19. I am a slow walker but a fast thinker.
  20. I may be moving slowly, but I never walk backward.
  21. Besides gravity which I can’t overcome, nothing else can hold me down.
  22. I show up, work hard, and remain humble. That’s how I live my life.
  23. I am my only limit and not the sky
  24. This is who I am. Can’t change for anyone.
  25. That is just my life. Nobody is saying that you have to like it.
  26. Tread on me like the dust. I bet you, the harder you beat, the higher I shall rise.
  27. For now, accept me the way I am and let’s hope that the new me will be a bit different.
  28. I am so rad that I can’t be sad.
  29. I measured myself on a scale of 1-20 and noticed that I am actually 25.
  30. I am just like my coffee: bitter, dark, and too hot for you.
  31. For those who laugh at me because I am unique, I laugh at you all cos you are all the same.
  32. You can say that I am expensive to maintain. Yes, I pay for all that I own.
  33. Here are my final words: hate me for who I am than love me for who I am not.
  34. Stay calm and let not your heart be troubled; trust in God and in me also.
  35. I thank God for every day and for all that happened in my life.
  36. You may write me off with your bitter words, but the more you write, the more I shall rise.
  37. I love myself, yes, I do. Both the good and the bad part, I love my crazy lifestyle.
  38. I don’t paint myself to be who I am not; I am simply myself.
  39. I am naturally and artificially on point.
  40. What happens to me can change me, but it can’t reduce me.
  41. I love the person that I am and am proud of myself because you need to lose all that you have to find yourself.
  42. It’s only myself who can pull me down, but I won’t give myself such a chance.
  43. What am I good at? Probably the best meat eater ever known
  44. I can’t claim to be the best, but I try hard to be the best.
  45. I can’t say that I am perfect, but I can confidently say that I am not fake.
  46. The truth of all the things you notice about me is that my problem is healthy and runs in my DNA. I was destined to be freakish.
  47. I know that I am not exceptionally handsome, but I know that I can always charm you into liking me.
  48. I have as funny Gene, which makes me enjoy life while I have it.
  49. I don’t only like myself, l am completely crazy about myself.
  50. Do you think that I am shy? Never! I am only reserving my awesomeness from intimidating you.
  51. Feeling my personality is what I can’t do. I am who I am.
  52. I am a rare breed that was born to express and not to impress
  53. Welcome to my Facebook wall, where people check daily for some inspiring quotes about me.
  54. My fabulous look is a job I do on a full-time basis.
  55. My only problem is being awesome, and there is no solution to it.
  56. In three words, I can wrap up everything I know about life – it goes on.
  57. I am truly a king because I have learned and understood how to rule myself.
  58. I can’t change at this time: I grew up to be myself and was never adjusted to the opinion of other people.
  59. Everyone out there has weaknesses, but I am sorry, an not everyone.
  60. I am one of a kind and not a stereotype.
  61. Should I tell you why am never ashamed to be me? It is not a wrong thing to be unique.
  62. Want to know more about me? Check my timeline every day for my autobiography.
  63. Keep calm and understand that I am unique and one of a kind.
  64. I see no reasons to explain my self. I know I am right.
  65. My life, my choices, and my flaws. It’s all about me and never your business.
  66. I thought of increasing my friend list, that’s why I added you. Don’t think I like you.
  67. Look okay me very well, and you’ll notice that I’m everything up wish to be but can’t.
  68. Hello there. Here am I on Facebook, hope you are happy now?
  69. I am so busy at being myself.
  70. My existence is not to impress the world. I only exist in the world to live my life and be happy with myself.
  71. Those that hate me are the greatest motivation I have.
  72. I know that everything that I need I can’t find it in anyone else except myself.
  73. I didn’t even expect you to like me because I am not a picture on Facebook.
  74. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not different. Am just being me.
  75. Why bother myself about your acceptance when I can accept myself and be happy all the way.
  76. I am analog by birth but my style of purely digital.
  77. I am single because that’s how I came to the world.
  78. My adoration is better to be like others but to the best version of myself.
  79. I have a lesson for you today: smile always and things will work out perfectly.
  80. My greatest motivation is the destination am heading to.
  81. I don’t think I am pretty. I am who I am.
  82. I work hard and do my best so that I have no one to blame.
  83. I pride in who I am. Being myself is the best I can do.
  84. I am the force. So whether I win or I lose, is never a man’s doing.
  85. Every day I work on myself by myself and for myself.
  86. Are you looking for the biggest star? Am right in front of you.
  87. I have so many problems, and maths is their king.
  88. I may not be perfect; that’s why I make mistakes and even hurt a lot of people. But whenever I say am sorry, I mean it sincerely.
  89. I have no rivals when it comes to being me.
  90. I’ll choose to die my way over and over again than live yours.
  91. Although not as an angel, I am good. I sin sometimes but am not the devil. I am only but a pretty little girl in a very big world trying to love someone.
  92. Being upfront gets me so many lovers and haters alike. But I was only exercising my self-will.
  93. Hate me or love me; all I want is my respect as a human being.
  94. I remain a first-rated version of myself instead of being a second-rate version of another person.
  95. I am not short. I am brief and portable.
  96. I love myself cos am the best version of myself.
  97. Do you love me? Nice! Do you hate me? Fine! Don’t you know anything about me? Keep your judgment.
  98. Don’t take my back as your voicemail. So say it all to my face.
  99. Be careful because I may end up being the most fantastic creature you’ll ever meet.
  100. You may say that I am bad as the worst, but thanks to God that I am as good as the best.


Sure, you found them all here. See, less work for you when it comes to expressing yourself on Facebook and other social media. Copy and paste is the only job left for you to do on any of these lines. Have fun with them!!!

Trust you’ve been able to get answers to the earlier raised questions, Have fun uploading these captivating bios!

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