Best Comment for a Beautiful Girl Picture on Facebook
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200+ Best Comment for a Beautiful Girl Picture on Facebook

Best Comment for a Beautiful Girl Picture on Facebook in English

We all see pictures and photos of people on Facebook and we are always in awe when we come across the picture of a beautiful girl while scrolling our news feed.

Unfortunately, most people especially the guys lack the manner while others the skills to give an appropriate and befitting comment.  While appreciating all that’s beautiful, we should do so rather than giving out degrading and insulting comments.

Good and beautiful comments may make good impression and forge a positive outlook about your personality. Most beautiful girl like attention and deserve beautiful comments, bonus points for a guy who flatters her with his comment.

While dropping a comment, don’t be oblivious, and don’t state the obvious but give a deeper meaning to your comment. Every girl appreciates comments which took time and consideration; so try doing so especially if you want to work towards winning her heart.

How do you compliment a beautiful girl?

Here are some tips to guide you when writing that comment on a girl picture on Facebook, whatsapp or Instagram:

  • Avoid giving out lewd comments: Comments such as “You are Sexy” or “You look hot” should be avoided especially if there isn’t a close friendship between you two.
  • Avoid rude comments: Detest from dropping obnoxious comments which may be harmful. Make sure you are polite while dropping a comment.
  • Be thoughtful: Pay attention to minor details i.e. hair, clothes, accessories, bags etc and give out good compliments.
  • Be real: Give out genuine comments and be authentic about it. Don’t copy another comment already dropped.
  • Be creative: You can try to be creative while writing a comment and something poetic always works. You can drop quotes if possible.
  • Don’t be judgmental: Avoid giving out negative criticism and don’t make her feel scrutinized.
  • Be free: Let your comment make her comfortable rather than putting her on edge. Don’t come off as a stalker or weirdo.
  • Have fun: Sometimes goofy but heartwarming comments can make her laugh giving out an upbeat impression.

What are the best comments for a girl’s picture?

Below are 200 best comments for a beautiful girl picture that will not let you down.

1. Your beauty is captivating.

2. You are inspiring.

3. Impressive photo.

4. Your beauty is alluring.

5. I love your hair.

6. You’ve got great taste.

7. This new look is lit.

8. I see strength and confidence in you.

9. You radiate power.

10. You definitely know how to rock those shoes.

11. Simply adorable.

12. You scream cuteness.

13. I love your charisma.

14. You are the definition of beauty.

15. Quintessence of beauty; that’s who you are.

16. You are the queen of elegance.

17. What a pretty smile you have.

18. You are stunning.

19. Your smile radiates happiness.

20. There are no boundaries to your beauty.

21. You just made my day with this picture.

22. You’ve made me a believer.

23. You look gorgeous.

24. I love your style.

25. Your style screams elegance.

26. What beautiful eyes you have.

27. Your smile just lights up my world.

28. You justify the word “Beauty” better.

29. Your eyes are so animated.

30. You radiate charisma.

31. You are beautiful in your own way.

32. I love that you love yourself.

33. You are true to thyself.

34. This picture creates a thousand emotions.

35. Your face expresses a thousand words.

36. This picture creates a thousand memories.

37. This is nature at its best.

38. You are simply wonderful.

39. This photo is divine.

40. You are like a breath of fresh air.

Best Compliment for a Girl Picture

41. Your true colors are beautiful.

42. You’ve got a beautiful heart.

43. Inside out; you are beautiful.

44. You steal my breath away.

45. You are a whisper of perfection.

46. I love how expressive your eyes are.

47. Your beauty is one of the things I like about you.

48. Honestly, you are beautiful

49. You make others feel beautiful.

50. Your beautiful comes deep from within your soul.

51. There isn’t anything boring about you.

52. Your beauty is refreshing.

53. You have pretty eyes.

54. Your beauty is full of endless possibilities.

55. You are a true epitome of beauty.

56. You are beautiful and passionate.

57. I see strength behind your beauty.

58. You are like a ray of sunlight.

59. You are a gift from the heavens.

60. Beauty is just one of the endearing traits you possess.

61. Your smile is charming.

62. Your beauty defeats sorrow.

63. You are true, pure and beautiful.

64. You are truly flawless.

65. You’ve got a pretty smile.

66. Your beauty is breath-taking.

67. I see life in your beauty.

68. I find you fascinating.

69. A beautiful story lies behind those beautiful eyes.

70. You’ve got an amazing figure.

71. I love your eyes.

72. Your hair is worth dying for.

73. You are awesome.

74. Your beauty can make a blind man see.

75. Your beauty is a treasure.

76. You’ve got nice teeth

77. You have an impressive figure.

78. Your beauty is enthralling.

79. You’ve got enchanting eyes.

80. You are mesmerizing.

Best Compliment for a Girl on Her Photo

81. I’m sure I am not the only one who finds you beautiful

82. You are a blessing.

83. I find you amazing.

84. I think you are beautiful.

85. You have pretty hair.

86. Your beauty is like a rainbow.

87. Your beauty has captured my attention.

88. You are beautiful in your own way.

89. You are everything.

90. Your eyes are like two pools of an ocean.

91. You’ve got flawless skin.

92. Your skin is amazing.

93. Your hair is like a golden halo

94. You look like an angel in white.

95. I find your nose weirdly cute.

96. You shine when you laugh.

97. Your beauty is a show-stopper.

98. You are a rare gem.

99. Black is your color.

100. You are simply the best.

101. There’s positive energy around your beauty.

102. Your hair is gorgeous.

103. You are a rare beauty.

104. Even without makeup, you are stunning.

105. Red is your color.

106. I love seeing your smile.

107. Your smile brightens my day.

108. Your smile is charming.

109. You are beautiful, and that’s an understatement.

110. I have to remind you of how beautiful you are.

111. Your beauty deserves my praise.

112. I’m in awe of your beauty

113. You are beautiful in your own way.

114. Your beauty is

115. You are one in a million.

116. Words can describe how enthralling you are.

117. Your beauty is indescribable.

118. You are a stunner.

119. I’m sure there’s no one like you.

120. You are a jaw-dropper.

121. Make-up on fleek!

122. You must be the most beautiful girl on earth.

123. Your beauty is riveting.

124. You always stand out.

125. You bring are a model for “Beauty”.

126. Your beauty can be addictive.

127. You are like a flower.

128. You are nature at its best.

129. I love how beautiful your dress makes you.

130. You grow more beautiful each day.

131. Your dress is stunning.

132. Your eyes are what I have been waiting to see.

133. I love how you take care of yourself.

134. I love how you don’t know you are beautiful.

135. You are what makes this picture beautiful.

136. Your beauty creates focus.

137. You are imperfectly perfect.

138. That shirt looks nice on you.

139. I’m impressed.

140. You’ve got good vibes.

141. You have the cutest smile ever.

142. Your cheeks are rosy.

143. You’ve got a great jaw.

144. You were born for this dress.

145. What a beautiful soul you have.

146. What silky and shiny hair you have.

147. You a reason to smile.

148. You are a touch of perfection.

149. You are a sigh of love.

150. You are real and that’s what makes you beautiful.

151. You are extraordinary.

152. You are desirable.

153. You create magic.

154. I adore you.

155. What great style you have.

156. What great posture you have.

157. Your beauty is impeccable.

158. I appreciate you.

159. You slay girl.

160. Your smile can light up a dark room.

161. Your beauty creates hope.

162. You are incredible.

163. You make me happier.

164. Your eyes are irresistible.

165. You really deserve a hug.

166. You are a torch in the darkness.

167. The people who have you in their lives are lucky.

168. Your beauty is without borders.

169. I’m spellbound by your beauty.

170. You are simply riveting.

171. You are full of endless potential.

172. Your style is original.

173. You are beautiful every time.

174. Your beauty is an inspiration.

175. Your style is classy.

176. You must be the most beautiful person on this planet.

177. Never forget that you are beautiful.

178. You are a reflection of true beauty.

179. No matter what people say; you are beautiful.

180. You are beauty at its best.

181. You are beautiful and happy.

182. Your happiness is the strength behind your beauty.

183. You are priceless.

184. Be proud girl; you are beautiful.

185. I see fire in your eyes.

186. Your beauty has cast a spell over me.

187. You surely know how to dress.

188. You are a star.

189. I love how your eyes twinkle.

190. You just made this picture ten times better.

191. You radiate a positive aura.

192. I like how you are full of enthusiasm.

193. You are beautiful and it’s true.

194. You are amazing just the way you are.

195. Not to be rude, but I can’t stop staring at you.

196. You are fierce and beautiful.

197. You are a beautiful creature.

198. Your face is a moon.

199. You shine like the sun.

200. You’ve got good genes.

Here are some poetic quotes you can drop as a comment on that beautiful girl picture on Facebook or Instagram:

1. Truly, I see you, You are beautiful.

2. The word “beauty” doesn’t bring justice to you, you are more than beautiful.

3. You are extremely beautiful, even the moon and stars don’t glow as pretty as you.

4. You are a masterpiece, your beauty is unparalleled.

5. A magnificent flower, you are a blossoming beauty.

6. Your beauty is blinding, but it’s worth staring at.

7. Your beauty cannot be ignored, you can never go unnoticed.

8. Your eyes are calm and beautiful, just like the ocean.

9. A thousand orchids don’t compare to you. you are ethereal.

I hope these prove helpful and remember while giving out comments to a beautiful girl on Facebook; be kind, thoughtful and creative while doing so.

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