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Cute 50 Bio for Facebook for Girl

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Cute Bio for Facebook for Girl

A bio on Facebook can simply be described as a short note or quote that will give people, (both known and unknown) a brief summary or accurate description of who you are, what you love , what you stand for, what you stand against, your greatest accomplishment, your views about life, what motivates and drives you, your dreams etc.

Of course, being a female, you wouldn’t want people to hate you before even getting the chance to meet you, so you have to be sensitive about what you write in your bio, Make sure it’s not what will put people off and give an awful impression of who you really are.

You never can tell who’s going through your Facebook timeline, a long lost friend, a potential new friend, your boss to be, your extended relatives, a shy colleague who’s probably too shy to approach you in person and most likely, your future husband or do we say soul mate?.

Something of importance to note is that as a lady, your bio speaks volume about your personality and that means that you have to think well and write your Facebook bio in such a way that it really captures the totality of who you are, Yes, The totality of who you are, take for instance, If you’re an outgoing person you don’t want to mislead people to think you are an indoor person because that’s definitely going to lead to a lot of misunderstanding in the nearest future; thus you’ll do well if you are accurate, precise and honest in your Facebook bio as a girl.

Again, try not to show any form of racism or tribalism in your profile bio, you might be thinking if it really matters, it really matters because we are in a civilized world and we are aiming at getting a more united world where racism and tribalism is non existent, The change starts with you, you know.

Conclusively, as a girl I’m very sure you’ll want to mingle with people of the other gender, so make sure you do all you can to ensure that your Facebook bio isn’t boring, You heard me right, Your Facebook bio must not be boring, what’s the essence of putting it there if it’s not going to capture the attention of whoever sees it, Express yourself freely, make use of catchy phrases meant for girls or commonly used by girls alone (either originated by you or the one that is common to everyone around you) and most of all, BE REAL.

Facebook Bio Ideas for Girls

These are some of what you might possibly like to include in your Facebook bio as a girl:

1. I’d bet with my life that you have not met someone as awesome as me!

2. In case you don’t know, I am very rare, I’m just like the rarest of diamonds and I’m sure you don’t want to lose me.

3. Meeting new people is not only about making new friends. I believe it is more about making new connections that will last you for a lifetime. I assure you that meeting me is part of that new connection you need!

4. Whenever I have the opportunity, I just can’t hold back the urge to scream and shout about how much I love having fun!

NB.No dull friend is allowed into my friend circle.

5. You can never predict who life brings to you; you can only predict what you will do with those life brings to you.

6. I am me, mind you, there is a very limited version of me, so be careful you don’t lose one of the few versions of the world’s sweetest souls… That’s me of course.

7. Okay, you want to know about me?? Chat me up.

8. I’m cool, calm and collected. That is just enough for you to understand me.

9. Don’t even try to study and understand me because I am not done understanding myself.

10. Hey yo! Yes, you! Don’t snoop around my timeline. There’s a lot about me you definitely won’t find out from here. Just buzz me up in my inbox, and you’ll get to know what you need to know!

11. Who rocks the world? Girls!!! Yes, I’m a girl, and I’m doing a good job of rocking the world.

12. Ever wondered why God created Eve after creating Adam? He knew life would be so boring without girls in it!

13. I am a girl, and I’m not just a girl, I am a boss lady!

14. Living life is what I do for a living. Enjoying life is my hobby. My specialty is taking life as it comes!

15. Gosh! I’ve got one wonderful asset that I’d bet you’ll be jealous of…Lol… I got you… I’m not talking about my body, and I’m talking about my killer smile.

16. I am a girl, and I am loving it!

17. Just can’t take your eyes off my timeline, can you? Well, be warned because I’m very addictive! Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

18. You don’t want to dig up my life cos what you’ll find will leave you shocked, amused and captivated.

19. I am shy at first, but I do the craziest thing when I get comfortable and free with you!

20. Don’t be deceived by my looks, beneath that fierce look, there’s a personality yearning for friendship!

FB Bio for Girl

21. If you intend becoming my friend, then give up the thought of quitting cos I don’t deal with quitters!

22. Aaaaawn aaaaawn… just super excited about meeting new friends? Then I’ve found a partner in you because I’m also super excited about meeting friends just like you!

23. Honestly, you just can’t get bored with me around, Looking for a spark to light up your day? C’mon I’m that spark you need!

24. I don’t feel bad when I don’t fit in with others because I was obviously created to stand out.

25. I am a creatively created creature with a creative creator who wasn’t created…You can call me creativity!

26. I think you will need a sunshade to shield you from the glow that radiates around me!

27. I have a full time job at being myself. I don’t see the need to apply for a job at Fakers inc.

28. I am 90% real, 8% dynamic and 2% crazy.

29. Okay, here’s that one girl you’ll wish you always had but which you’ll never get.

30. Let’s, and I’ll definitely leave you an impression to hang on to.

31. Hope you don’t have diabetes? Because I’m super sweet.

32. I am a girl, so what? It doesn’t hold me back from leveling up to the standard set ahead of me.

33. A simple and easy going person, a strong woman with a burning passion for writing.

34. Ask me about me, and I’ll tell you, Don’t go through my timeline because you won’t find anything of relevance to who I am.

35. I’m that super cute lady you just can’t ignore.

36. I’m a girl with dignity, I don’t meddle in what’s not my business!

37. Boss lady, entrepreneur, loyalist, fun freak, That’s just who I am.

38.I am a Fun lover, God chaser and goal-getter

39. I’m not your average low maintenance girl…Yes having me calls for High maintenance.

40. I am me…No lies, no pretense.

Bio Status for Girls

41. I am too busy to hold grudges, and I’ve got no problem with you holding the grudges.. what matters is that you keep to your own lane!

42. I am just like a boomerang; I give to you what you give to me…respect me, and I’ll respect you, disrespect me, and you’ll regret it!

43. I am simply charming…get close to me, and my charm will rub on you!

44. Exceptionally cool, interestingly unique, there is more to me than you will ever know.

45. Treat me right, and I’ll treat you well, be a snub, and I’ll put you where you belong!

46. I am honest and loyal to a fault! I gat your back always!

47. I am a motivator, adviser, 99% lively, 1% boring!

48. Her father’s daughter, her mother’s favorite, her boo’s bae, and her family’s pride!

49. I love my life, and I don’t really care about what other people think about me!

If you’re not adding to the money in my bank or my happiness in any way, forget it, you don’t count!

50. Music is my life! I speak music, I make music, and I love music. I am music!

51. I am full of energy and positive vibes! Bad energy stay far away!

52. Dynamism is my motto. I hate being predictable!

53. I am proud to be who I am. There’s no better version of me out there.

54. If I can’t get what I want, then I want what I get!

55.Don’t forget your own race while watching someone else run theirs!

56. Cool headed, pretty, curvy…yes… That’s me… beauty with the brains!

57. If you don’t count to me, then you really don’t count at all!

58. I am pretty satisfied with the way I live my life. Any problem with that?

I can assure you that with these bios on your Facebook timeline as a girl, you are sure to attract the attention you need, and also give whoever is reading it an insight of who you are.

Of course, these are only a few of the numerous styles of updating your Facebook bio; You can as well spice up whatever has been written here in your own unique way, a deviation from the norm. Enjoy the experience that comes with your lit Facebook timeline!

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