How to Start Chat With Unknown Girl on Facebook
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How to Start a Chat With an Unknown Girl on Facebook

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How to Start Chat With Unknown Girl on Facebook

As our digital lives increasingly merge with our physical lives, many men want to know how to pick up a girl on Facebook. When it’s a girl you’ve met “in person,” at work, at friends’ houses, in the evening or on the street, it’s okay; it’s quite simple to have a natural conversation on Facebook.

But to pick up a girl, you don’t know on Facebook. It’s better to follow these 5 tips to avoid getting stuck.

Let’s face it: flirting on Instagram has become easier these days than flirting on Facebook.

More and more people are leaving Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, subject to all kinds of criticism, especially since the Cambridge Analytical scandal.

But! Because there is ALWAYS a but… Between 2007 and 2017, we spent so much time on it scrolling, chatting with our friends, hitting on girls on Facebook that it will be challenging to unsubscribe and follow the #deletefacebook trend.

If there’s ever a time to talk to girls on Facebook, it’s now! Follow these 5 tips to start a Facebook conversation with a stranger.

#1 Nice first impression: spelling

Whether you decide to flirt in English or any other language you are conversant with, be careful with your spelling. Even if the younger ones are more flexible in spelling, don’t forget that girls judge you on how you write.

Do you want to look like an uneducated guy? No! So take the time to review what you send to girls on Facebook when you contact them.

#2 Know how to break the ice.

To break the ice, ask open questions that will help you learn more about this girl. These questions will not have to be particularly thoughtful or personalized. It’s just a matter of engaging the conversation. If you and this girl have already commented on each other’s Facebook posts, you could even comment on one of these publications.

To start a conversation traditionally, you could say;

“What are your plans for this weekend”? Or

“Have you read new books recently?”

For example, if she posted on her wall that she saw the new Star Wars, you could say;

“I want to see the latest Star Wars, did you like it?

You and this girl will have the opportunity to get to know you better.

#3 You need to display a good Facebook profile

It’s important to understand that girls are going to want to know who you are. They will spy on your photos just like you do on their photos to see pictures in bathing suits. What will the girls be looking for when they look at your profile on attractive Facebook?

They’re going to want to know if you’re going out a lot,

  • Who surrounds you
  • How much you earn
  • If you seem nice enough

If you share excellent, positive content, or if you have not posted anything since the last election where you were particularly engaged and enraged.

#4 A direct invitation? A poke? Hello?

Always remember that as long as you have not met her yet, you remain a stranger! So, you need to avoid suspicious messages like:

“Hi my beauty, how are you today?”

“I find you, really lovely. Do you feel like going for a drink? ”

Some people would go as far as commenting on her pictures and more. If you are one, then you’ll only succeed in fanning her ego. I bet you won’t like the outcome.

You can use this message as an example:

“Hi, Mark Zuckerberg sent me to tell you that you are a girl I may “know.” You were in my friends’ suggestions, and I thought, “Oh yeah, she seems nice! ». Can you explain to me why we don’t know each other yet? PS: I’m nice, that’s what my mother says to the whole village. »

This message is a good way to get a girl to get to know you. It’s much more helpful than a message like, “Hi, I’ve seen your pictures and I think you’re charming. Would you like to meet me? »

Almost every day that passes, she receives from strangers who have mistaken Facebook for a dating site. And very often, it annoys her, and she blocks the message and the sender of the message without any other form of trial.

Of course, you won’t want to receive the same treatment. Well, you have your best shot. Avoid messages that have NO value. Like, “Do you have a boyfriend?” That’s not good, at least for a first-time conversation with an unknown girl on Facebook. These messages say nothing, contain nothing. It’s like sending an empty envelope.

Remember one thing: your first message should make the girl want to answer you and create a certain desire, expectation, in the girl.

Hitting on a girl, you don’t know on Facebook

A poke, a hug, a wink, a high five, or a hello? Whichever one you are going to choose must be consistent with the rest of your message!

This brings us to the next tip…

#5 The strategy of the dream poet salesman or Mr. Muscle

There is not only one type of girl, but there is also not just one type of man. As a result, some of us will hit on an unknown girl on Facebook with the power of words, while others will play on their looks or their lifestyle (travel photos, cars, watches, etc…)

For more than 10 years of seduction coaching, my girlfriends have shown me hundreds of first messages on Facebook: it goes from the silliest, who knows what he does and what he proposes, to the most poetic, who is able to hold two months of fiery conversation, with declarations of love and poems every day.

What you need to understand coherence when playing with words. The way you flirt with a stranger on Facebook must be consistent with who you are. And your profile must reflect who you are or the person you want to become.

#6 The common points

Finally, if you want a punchy and intriguing first message, try to take a look at the girl’s profile bio you want to talk to. There’s every tendency that you will learn a thing or two from thorough scrutiny of her profile. That would give you an edge while trying to engage her. Who wants to appear lost in his first debut with a stranger on Facebook? I bet you won’t either. So this is a great tip for you.

#7 Ask her questions about her.

Most people like to talk about themselves, and everyone wants to be listened to. To get to know this girl better, ask her about herself. You could ask her what her favorite dish is or if she likes outdoor sports.

Many people post their interests on their Facebook profile. Before talking to her, do a little research on what she likes.

Avoid asking questions that are too personal, which might make you feel uncomfortable. Religion, sexuality, politics, and money are all too sensitive topics, and it’s best not to approach them when you get to know someone.

Other valuable tips for a fruitful conversation with an unknown girl on Facebook

#8 Do not make the conversations last too long.

In the beginning, it will be best to stay in short conversations when chatting on Messenger. An endless exchange could put your interlocutor uncomfortable if you do not know very well. Learn to get to know each other gradually during several conversations, to build your friendship naturally.

#9 Ask for information about a homework assignment or classes.

With Messenger, you can send a private message to the girl you are trying to chat with. Your messages will not be subject to comments and “likes” from others, and the exchange will be more personal. If you do not know how to start the conversation, start by talking about a practical problem, rather than a personal issue. This does not mean that a personal conversation could not follow, but this approach will allow you to engage the conversation with less pressure.

You could say “hey, do you know the homework requirements for tomorrow’s English class?

I forgot to write them down “or” what time do we start serving the restaurant tomorrow? ” ”

Respect her limits. If the girl you are chatting with either block you or asks you to stop contacting her, respect her wish. She may not be interested in the kind of relationship you are looking for.

We hope with the tips given on this post, you would be able to gain that beautiful girl attention on your Facebook list.

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